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yashin ellis June 05, 2018

Young X

Q1: Describe your practice profession with 5 words?

(I am a song write)

  1. Artist
  2. Writer
  3. Story teller
  4. Motivator
  5. Influential


Q2: Best and worst thing about your profession?


The best thing is that I can express myself, my feelings more sufficiently to the public eye and get recognition for it as well, thus touch them on the inside of their soul as I'm allowed a voice to travel frequently thru their hearing....


The worst is that I might get judged wrongfully and/or accused of false meanings as people tend to define my own words against me without my consent...false judge of character!


Q3: what is the biggest challenge you face professionally? 


My biggest challenge is to relate all my genre of music to relate to people. Have them feel my emotions as if they’re the ones living it, hence "WALK IN MY SHOES."


Q4: What or who inspired you?


Well I would strongly believe that, "THAT" person is myself, self-motivation is best key to fulfill my drive on whatever I love to do in life


Q5: If you weren't in your profession, what would you do?


I would highly study to be a real estate investor on public housing, renting or selling to own in my country or state that I'm in at the time. After all we all need a backup plan if all else fails for whoever in life.


Q6: what was your first job?


I was a housemen in the princess free zone on the northern border or Belize.


Q7: What person dead or alive would you invite for dinner?


I would have a sit down with Shyne Barrow due to the fact that he is the closest person I know that has been in the music industry for multiple years before he was deported from the states on a professional level, not just locally. In my knowledge, he would know more than any other local artist that can guide me through to the right direction, the "Do’s & Don’ts" I would say on regulating my profession.


Q8: What are you listening to at the moment?


J Cole because he is the modern day 2pac on "REALITY RAP”


Q9: What item would you be lost without?


My phone gadget because it’s the only thing linking me to the world, as an artist I will & have to be sociable to the public


Q10: What would you do if given a million Dollars?


I would kick start my music career in investing in all what I need to develop an empire of music and trends worldwide...as well as investing in real estate to get financial help seeing that a million dollars might seem a lot but as if you should know money do come and go and plans don’t always come together so yeah....investing in real estate may not be a bad idea to help support my future goals.

                                                SMALL BIO:

             Hello my name is Alejandro Villanueva, but my friends and family usually call me by the name as LEX, X, or just ALEX, just a shortage of my government name. I’ve been doing music for quite some time now, started off mumbling until I learned the fineness of writing stories behind what I love to do.

My goals are to make it to the majors but it’s going to take more than dreams to make my reality true, thus hard work and dedication is what I strive for. As a young boy I've been listening to various artist and other genres of music pike Rock, rap, hip hop & R&B that includes a thing called "REALITY RAP" A big fan of the genre that sparked the brain, which made me fall in love with music. But as of now I go by the name as “YOUNG X" which later on I might or will change as my talent develops but for now I'll continue pushing the name until I’m identified to the public eye.

Furthermore I’m under a small group here in ORANGE WALK BELIZE known to most as "SECTOR 9 STUDIO ". As our goal is to put the North on the map and show the rest of the nation that "YES" we too have talent as well as many other artist coming from the Northside from, Orange Walk down to Corozal. Open the eyes of many and change the persona as we excel our craft to the top with all the greats before us. My mind is restrained and I won't stop until I "YOUNG X" become an icon to the game... GANG!!! 

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