Stann Creek District

Yashin Ellis November 28, 2017

Stann Creek District is a district in the south east region of Belize. Stann Creek is Belize’s second largest district with 986 square miles of possibilities for the adventure inclined traveler. The coast is dotted with small towns and fishing villages that offer cultural flavors in exotic combination, and access to crowd free cayes as well as the remote reaches of the Belize Barrier Reef. Beginning just a few miles inland, the territory hosts Maya villages, the world’s first jaguar preserve, a wealth of tropical forests, and a good portion of the Maya Mountains including Victoria Peak.
The Stann Creek District is also home to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary where the south fork of Stann Creek rises. Within the preserve is Victoria Peak, the second highest point in Belize, at 1120 meters (3,675 feet) above sea level. Stann Creek District is a great destination to submerge in the Belizean Culture.

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