Jenko is the vocalist in Verge of Umbra

Yashin Ellis February 15, 2018

Jenko’s musical influences are Wu Tang Clan, Cypress Hill & 90s hip hop. He officially came on the scene as one third of the Belizean hiphop/reggae group called the Henchmob, opening shows for international artists such as Lady Saw, Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas and Sean Paul.


Upon moving from Belize to New York, he formed and gained underground notoriety with a rap rock band called Sixdeep. From 2006 to 2010, Jenko has been the MC in the New York City based hip hop rock band called A Broken Code sharing the stage with the likes of Ninjasonik, Bazaar Royale, Keith Murray, Vida, Cornel West, Viva Mayday, Lil Cease, Mirk and Game Rebellion in the Source Magazine’s Ghetto Metal movement.

Currently, Jenko is the vocalist in Verge of Umbra. Verge represented Belize and all of Central America at the Wacken Open Air Metal music Festival held in Germany, placing 6th of 28 countries. Jenko is the few  MCs whose vocal delivery goes back and forth between “Ebonics” and Belizean Creole, further making the band’s fusion of Metal Rap and Reggae, like no other.

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