Jay Cue Q and A Exclusive Interview

yashin ellis June 05, 2018

1. Describe your practice/profession with 5 words

     A= Artist, entertainer, MC, public figure, trapper


2. Best and worst about your profession?

        A= the worst would have to be the “snakes\bad mind”, the lack of opportunity in my    country for my profession to get that first leap or first big step, and having to leave people behind. People that you might love or view as friends but just not healthy for your career so you have to part ways. The best would be the success. Every one of my wins brings me closer to the real goal so the wins of course. And all the experience I have had.


3. What is the Biggest the challenge you face professionally?

        A=this is a good question but there is so much I can’t even recall. But such is life so I don’t really focus on the challenge. I focus on the goals.


4. What or who inspires you in your career?

      A= It would depend on the moment, time and space I’m in at the moment. It’s never one person or one thing all the time. Some days I feel like Bob and want to smoke herb all day and spread love and some days I feel like Shooter and want to finish of some chumps. lol


5. If it weren’t for your profession what would you do?

         A= I would be on a beach surfing living a happy life.


6. What was your first job?

           A= Selling bootleg cd’s and weed. That was really young. That was primary school days


7. What person dead or alive would bring to your dinner?

        A= God  

8. What are you listening to at the moment?

       A= me and Yung Era’s work    

9. What item would you be lost without?

         A= A studio

10. What would you do if you were given 1 million BZD today?

        A= Give my Jefe his share, invest in something that will generate more money for me, and enjoy a few special moments with love ones.

Jay Cue

             My name is Jamie Quijano, better known as Jay Cue or Beach boy Q.  I was born on October 11th, 1991 at the Northern regional Hospital in Orange Walk Town.  I lived in Belize until I was 9 years old, partly Trial Farm Village, and Union town.  At the age of 9 we moved to Eatontown, New Jersey for a year. A little after 9/11 occurred we moved to Long Branch by the beach. At first I hated it. I hated the beach, the house, the vibe, everything, but little did I know that everything I hated will one day be the things I that loved the most. Long Branch was where I started my musical journey. I had a neighborhood friend by the name of Jonathon Candeleria who was a rapper. His older brothers had a studio in their house and when I would hear a song they did blasting from the speakers it would inspire me to start writing. Jonathon and I did that a lot. Then going to West End elementary school was where I really started to realize I wanted to do music. For some reason Long Branch is filled with musical talent especially rappers and singers. I met some of the most influential people there who still make music today and I still have contact with.

              My first introduction to the tough and rough side of rap music happened one day, while I was on the school bus, on my way to school. Like me, there were many kids in Long Branch that wanted it like me. So I was pushed into rap battles where you had to be tough and quick. That was my introduction to the game. From that moment on Battling was my style of rap I liked to do and listen to. Life kept rolling and through many trials and tribulations as a teen I lost the passion to continue rapping but still loved it. Life kept going and I found myself in a jail cell.  I got into a fight back there which really was the last thing that made me change certain parts of me. As I was adjusting myself in there I gained back that passion to make music again. So I started rapping in my head, and memorizing stuff in my head. It was the only thing I could’ve done back there other than play basketball when it was yard time.

              The judge gave me the option of a voluntary departure. It means I wasn’t going to get kicked out of the US by deportation but I’m voluntarily leaving the country. This means I can go back anytime I want. I got on that plane and made it to Belize where I met Dj.LA and the Shuga Vybz gang the same week I arrived home. Immediately I started to record. That was 2011 and from there I took on myself to learn all aspects of the game. I started managing artists and kept finding talent when one would diminish. In 2016 I met my current manager and now I’m out here. Lol.

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