Embassy Belmopan issues thousands of non-immigrant visas to Belizeans

Yashin Ellis November 29, 2017

Embassy Belmopan issues thousands of non-immigrant visas to Belizeans who want to travel to the United States for tourism, education, temporary work, or onward travel to other destinations. Occasionally, we encounter applicants who are using their visas to do extraordinary things. In October, we met three members of the 12-person Benque Marimba Youths Los Hijos Del West musical group who were invited to attend and perform at See & Taste Belize in Miami, Florida. The group was invited by Nich Belize on behalf of the Belize Consul in Miami. The members who traveled to Miami included Emil Hernandez at the marimba melodies position, Mark Coyoc at the drums, and musical director and founder Ian Yacab at the bass guitar.

Through their participation in the festival, they were able to meet other Belizean artists and artisans, including The Garifuna Collective, as well as culinary masters from Belize. Mr. Yacab stated that their participation in the festival gave them a unique cultural exchange experience towards and appreciation of their cultural heritage, and they are proud cultural ambassadors of arts and culture for the community that they represent, Benque Viejo Del Carmen. Mr. Yacab wishes to thank each and every one who made this trip possible.

(Photo credits: Hon. Patrick Faber and Walter Castillo)
Belize Tourism Board Belize Consulate in Florida

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