El-Jay Q and A interview and Bio

yashin ellis June 05, 2018


Q1. Describe your practice/profession with 5 words 
Awesome, great, love, blessed and thankful 

Q2. Best and worst thing about your profession? 
I believe the best thing about my profession is having the opportunity to change lives by portraying a great attitude and sharing ways of becoming a better human being.  At times I find it difficult to observe things I cannot change, because of how some of us as a people are already wired in ways that seem unchangeable

Q3. What is the biggest challenge you face professionally?
the biggest problem I face concerning my profession is accepting my mistakes, at least when seen by another individual. I was brought up in a home where being perfect was almost the norm and it’s still a concern presently.  

Q4. What or who inspires you in your career?
Well, my father and mother both played a key role having to inspire the road directing to my career. They both worked tremendously at any task being given with a touch of their own perspectives and allowed others to gravitate towards what they represented.

Q5. If you weren’t in your profession, what would you do? 
If I was not in my profession, I would definitely try to lean towards something that would make me forget about my dream career or more so replace my void. My secondary profession would be soccer or something that concerns or associates with the field of soccer.

Q6. What was your first job?
My first job was working at a grocery store as a bag boy. That didn’t last too long because I tend to give away bags to the wrong individual. Why this occurred? Too much people came with bags and I ran out of numbers which caused me to try and remember bags by colours and people’s facial features.

Q7. What person, dead or alive, would you invite for dinner? 
It would be so difficult to decide on one person to take out. I’d invite both my mom and dad to dinner although my dad is no longer on this earth. They both are inspiring and always have some kind of formula to make better decisions and look on life from a whole new perspective.  

Q8. What are you listening to at the moment?
At the moment I’m listening to some slow R&B music. To be specific John Legend’s “Take It Slow”

Q9. What item would you be lost without? 
I’d be lost without a pen or pencil to write some personal quote or song. I love writing information whether it’s for memory or just fun time.

Q10. What would you do if you were given  1 million BZD today? 
I’d return to my hood and distribute food items to homes along with a cheque for children’s school fees.

My name is Lincoln Delhardt Alexander Jones Jr. 3rd.  I was entered into this world on a beautiful sunny day on Jan 27th at the Belize City Hospital. I weighed a lot, had dark curly hair and light brown skin. My mom was 23 years old and my dad was 27.  Even though I was the second child to join the family, my mom was very excited to give birth to me and my siblings, one older brother, one younger brother and one younger sister. 

According to the Erik Erikson theory, if children needs are not met, they may end up mistrusting the world.  But if children feel mother’s care and love it can result as trusting the world.  I receive a lot of love and care from my mom and siblings.  I believe that I passed through this period in my life successfully and would therefore trust the world.

I began primary school at age 4.  I was excited to go to school with my siblings and was ready to learn.  I wanted to go to school long before I was ready for I listened several times to my brothers and sister telling my mom about all the good times at school and I always wanted to go with them.  When they arrived from school they would bring my mom flowers and I would go outside and picked the grass and take them to my mom and she would put them in her hair.  I remember one time I went in the grave yard and picked some beautiful orange lilies off a grave and took them home for my mother because I always wanted to make her happy.

    At age 6, I was in std I.  My teacher’s name was Mrs. Waldman. She had a lot of patience and was understanding.  I admired a girl in my class and I wrote, “I love Shantell” about twenty times on the wall in my room. My siblings teased me but I didn’t care.  I climb many trees at age six and played a lot of outdoor games like “Mr. Wolf how much ah clock and sardine in a tin.”   Those were the days of fun and laughter. During my year standard 6, I had a wonderful teacher by the name of Mr. Asevedo. He prepared us well for the future ahead

        I went to one of the most prestigious highschool in Belize by the name of Edward P. Yorke High. All my siblings went there too.  I was nervous on the first day of school.  There at E P Yoke I met new friends with whom I am still friends with up to this day.  I was engaged in many physical activities such as softball, volleyball, track and field and football.  I was crowned the athlete of the year.  I received many trophies for winning 100m, 200 m, 400m and 1500 m races.

    I then transferred to St. Michaels College due to behavioral problems. I got engaged in many wrong acts due to the friends I got involved with whilst at school. My mom was very angry at me for making stupid decisions and I had no friends nor did I get the opportunity to play sports that year.  In 3rd and 4th form I studied Science and Arts.  After high school I got enrolled at the Wesley College because it gave me the opportunity to work for my dad and attend school in the night.  At Wesley College I studied Theology and Business.

Directly after giving my speech at gradation, I was immediately asked to be a teacher at a local school. Whilst teaching I was the assistant minister at the Church of Christ. I had a well-educated mentor which was my dad, who truly incorporated life into his Bible Studies. I later enrolled as a student at the University of Belize in the CPED program. I had many sleepless nights catching up on sermons and lesson plan simultaneously whilst going to school to be certified as a teacher but I did it.

My father’s death drove me in becoming a better individual. They’ve been many times I wanted to lean towards becoming a fulltime preacher but the memories of my dad disregarded bringing my education to a halt was staggering.

Although the above is almost a full description of my life, I decided to now include something else that makes me happy. Michael Jackson have always been my idol as child and even more so today. Music is all that I can think of when there is nothing else on my mind. Writing songs was and still is one of the things I have been blessed with. I don’t consider myself one of the greatest vocalists but I’m working on becoming Belize’s best.  I love true singers like John Legend, Usher, R Kelly and Tyrese. I want to be place in the R&B/ Pop category one day. Although I’m very versatile with my music, I prefer being heard using the proper vocals. It’s not about the hype but it’s about the sound when the music is cut off.

In closing, I have finally found a musical family after all these years because of looking for something in particular. A group who has accepted me for who I am and not wanting to change my mind set about my faith and belief was found. Sector 9 is now my home and I’ve signed because I know a crew who is persistent and reaching for  one goal. The day I stepped into the boot I felt like a true artist who the world needed to hear. We all have dreams and we all have the same vision. NO place like home and no place like Sector 9. El’jay Seh SO

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