Griga — The Documentary

Yashin Ellis November 29, 2017

Griga explores the issues and challenges artists and entertainers in Dangriga, Belize faces while exploring creative solutions.

These issues stemming from the lack of resources and knowledge to challenges, like poverty, and gun violence. The viewers will learn about some of the creative solutions artists and entertainers have come up with, through a series of interviews from some of the most notable artists and entertainers, like Supa G, Worl Nova and more.

This film also educates viewers about the different musical genre of Belize, from the Garifuna music; to the traditional Brukdown music; and to modern genres, like Belizean Reggae Dancehall and Belizean Rap. 

The total budget for the film is $9,000 USD. All funds will be spent on ensuring the completion of the documentary. The funds will help us move forward by providing financial support to ensure we have the best equipment and creative personnel to produce the highest quality of work. 
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Story Timeline: 

Pre Production — August 24th to November 16th, 2017

Kickstarter Campaign — November 9th to December 8th, 2017

Production — November 16th, 2017 to February 8th, 2018

Post Production — February 8th to 29th 2018

Release — March 2018


Ranique D. Leslie | Director

Born and raised in Dangriga, Belize, his passion for music made him realizes at an early age that he would have to leave his hometown to gain the experience and knowledge to inspire others in his country. Ranique studied Recording Engineer and Post Production at the Los Angeles Recording School and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business. He founded Run Belize in 2014, a brand that promotes the arts, entertainment, and fashion deriving from Belize, and now helps Artists, Entertainers and Fashion Designers market their work, globally.


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