Barbara With her YouTube show

Yashin Ellis December 02, 2017

Born and raised in the Caribbean country of Belize, Barbara migrated  with her family at the age of 15. After first settling in Hialeah Florida, the family soon moved to Los Angeles, California to be close to extended family. Barbara graduated with a 4.0 grade point average from Thomas Jefferson High School, located in Los Angeles, California. In her senior year she was nominated by her career advice counselor for the Dorothy Webley scholarship to attend The Eubanks Consevatory of Music and Arts to study piano, theory and voice. She subsequently won that award and became an accomplished singer under the mentorship of Ken Kendell, star of film, television and stage and noted author of the book "Mastery of Voice/Mastery of Life" and the musical "Candied Yams." In 1984, Barbara was presented with an achievement award in the field of music by Bank of America for distinguished performance and the promise of future success and service to society. Barbara later attended Los Angeles City College, where she achieved an Associates in Arts degree in the field of Radio Broadcasting, graduating in 1988 with the high honor of Summa Cum Laude. She was nominated by her radio broadcasting professors for placement in the United States Achievement Academy Directory. She qualified for the nomination by being noticed by her collegiate instructors as among the sponsors' top students. In 1987, she was one of the few students  from Los Angeles City College to win the collegiate award, one of the highest honors, which paid tribute to the devotion and contributions of outstanding college students.

She was placed in Volume 1 of the 1987 United States Achievement Academy Collegiate Directory. Along with the music and broadcasting, Barbara has always had a passion for writing and learning about food and nutrition. Through many years of research, endurance and by the wisdom of God, she finally attained her goal of  weight loss and decided to venture into the arena of being and author with her first book "The Small Change Diet: How I Broke the Curse of Obesity by Making Small Changes" being published in February 2010. Her second title Bean and Rice and Jesus Christ: 101 Easy to Create Caribbean Recipes for Seasons of Feast or Famine was published in December 2011. In October of 2011, Barbara created her YouTube show, "The Bare Pantry Show" in order to teach friends and family and faithful viewers how to cook Belizean cuisines from recipes from her cookbook.

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