Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Actor Fela Obi

Yashin Ellis February 15, 2018

Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Actor Fela Obi, was born to the parents of David “Bredda David” Obi and Carolyn Obi on the 9th day of March, 1994 (age 23) – raised in the culture capital, Dangriga, Belize. Fobi now resides in Belmopan City where he continues to work on crafting is musical career.

Fobi goes by the music alias “Worl Foe “ when he emerged into the music business/industry during the year 2016.  Having been raised with two legendary Belizean artists, Bredda David (dad) and Ras Indio (brother), most of Fela’s previous musical works were influenced by the perception that music is like breathing; something that occurs naturally. However, as Fela continues to evolve within the Belizean environment and culture, most of his influence has come from multiple sources of music from all corners of our globe called earth – in diverse cultures and genres.

Therefore, Fobi does not place his music genre under one platform, but rather enjoys incorporating Hip hop, reggae, Garifuna music, Kungo music, Belizean Folklore, Dancehall, EDM, Afro-beat, Pop, to mention a few. As a new and dynamic Belizean artist, Fela “Worl Foe” Obi adds what he describes as a Belizean Flavor, touch and perspective to his sound, so as to create a piece of art that can be enjoyed by people all over the Worl.

The “Worl Yute” is already geared for 2018 with unrealesed hits with 822 Records, Dj Perf Productions, Island Wav Entertainment to name a few.

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