A gift from my mother to the culture

Yashin Ellis December 22, 2017

How a gift from me to my mother turned into a gift from my mother to the culture:

Unis Nunez, a Garifuna woman exemplified, an educator for over 40 years, was gifted with the ability to teach, it is her purpose. Her life long dedication and passion for the art has had immeasurable impacts across generations. Over the years she has positively influenced the lives of the students under her tutelage and through them her legacy will live forever.

As a Garifuna woman proud of her heritage and passionate about its longevity, she has put together an audio collection of cultural lessons to help preserve the culture and protect the language. The hope here is that these lessons not only act as an introduction to learning the Garifuna language but also provides insights into the culture, enough to inspire you to research on your own and find ways to further immerse yourself. Revisit these lessons as often as you would like, use them as a reference and as the foundation of your continued pursuit of learning the Garifuna language and the culture of the Garinagu people.

Garifuna is the language spoken by the Garinagu, mixed race descendants of Island Carib, African and Arawak people. The Garifuna language has evidence of English, French and Spanish influences...

Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692985298

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