Chaleanor Hotel

Remember when you were young, and you were on your way to your favorite relative’s house?  Remember how excited you were, and the anticipation you felt? You knew that all you had to do was get there, and you could relax.. knowing everything you needed would be taken care of… because you were family. Now you’re feeling.

The Historic “Swing Bridge”

The Belize City “Swing Bridge” is located in downtown Belize City and connects the North Side to the South Side. The landmark “Swing Bridge” spans over the Halouver Creek a tributary of the Belize River. The original bridge was built in Liverpool England in 1859 and was designed to allow larger vessels to travel upstream.

True Belizean Legend

Andy Palacio was born and raised in the coastal village of Barranco and worked briefly as a teacher before turning to music. He received the award for “Best New Artist” at the Caribbean Music Awards in 1991, and was posthumously awarded the BBC3 Awards for World Music award in the Americas Category, in 2008.[2] Contributions.