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Meet The Woman behind Mer’s Designs

Meet The Woman behind Mer’s Designs June 06, 2018

Mary Castillo is the founder and creative director of Mer’s Designs. Mer’s Designs was
birthed out of a love for art and a mission to put Belize in more positive conversations.

Belizean Beauty of the week Ms. Shantel Smith

Yashin Ellis December 02, 2017

Shantel Smith Age 22 Born in Belize Loves to read, listen to music and meet new people Pizza lol not sure if u would classify that as a favorite food but yea I plan to become a banker


Belizean Beauty from Punta Gorda

Yashin Ellis November 28, 2017

Belizean Beauty Tisan Sanchez hails from Punta Gorda. She is 20 yers old and enjoys swimming,cooking, and doing hair and nails.


Yung Era The Belizean rapper\producer.

yashin ellis June 05, 2018

Belizean Football Female Personality

Yashin Ellis November 29, 2017

Belizean Movie Good Cop Bad Cop

Yashin Ellis December 05, 2017