The Historic “Swing Bridge”

The Belize City “Swing Bridge” is located in downtown Belize City and connects the North Side to the South Side. The landmark “Swing Bridge” spans over the Halouver Creek a tributary of the Belize River.

The original bridge was built in Liverpool England in 1859 and was designed to allow larger vessels to travel upstream to deliver supplies.The bridge requires a minimum of four men to crank it by hand until it is parallel with Haulover Creek. After traffic has passed, it is hand cranked again until it has been returned to its perpendicular position across the creek. Traffic is halted for well over an hour before the process is completed. Since 2007, the bridge is only manually opened by special request as traffic on Haulover Creek is not as heavy as before.

This historic landmark remains a part of the hustle and bustle of downtown Belize and fixed part of the Belizean Culture

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