The Iconic Scarlet Macaw in Danger

One of Belize’s most iconic bird species, the Scarlet Macaw is in real danger of becoming extinct, according to a new report issued by Friends of Conservation and Development (FCD).

FCD, the NGO which co-manages the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, issued a release this week entitled “Macaws in Danger of disappearing,” which speaks on the harmful effects that Guatemalan poachers have had on scarlet macaw populations in the Chiquibul. The FCD noted that for 2019 alone, it has documented more than 25 macaws being taken by poachers.

The FCD also shared some of the data from the macaw census it conducted earlier this year, noting that Belize has a minimum of 334 individual parrots in the wild. The main breeding ground for the birds is in the
Chiquibul Forest, and they breed during the months of March to August.

“This is the time when the birds are more vulnerable, thus the time when the FCD Research Unit spends its efforts conducting biological monitoring and patrolling the nesting areas. For the 2019 breeding season, a total of 26 eggs were laid in 10 nests, 13 parrots hatched and 10 fledglings left their nest by the end of the season,” the FCD said.

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