Micah Goodin Belize City Councilor meets with PNP’s Deputy Leader in Jamaica

Today photos surfaced on his social media of a meeting between him and Damion Crawford, the Deputy Party Leader of the People’s Nation Party (PNP) in Jamaica.

At this time details of the meeting are undisclosed but in a Facebook post Goodin said, “It has been an honor to meet and dialogue with the Deputy Party Leader of the People’s National Party (PNP) and the next Deputy Prime Minister of Jamaica, Damion Crawford.”

“He shared some critical advice and ideas to guide my young political career,” he continued.

According to Goodin, Crawford also shared, “some leftist literature on China…”

“Like me Damion has been a youth advocate and is perhaps one of the most popular young politicians in Jamaica,” his post ended as he expressed gratitude for his new alliance.


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